2012 NAXIS has developed and introduced Labonet multilingual ID system, giving it a head start over its competitors.
This system makes it possible to indicate 5 languages onto not only care labels but also data tags.
2011 SHANGHAI NAXIS CO., LTD. starts operation of new factory for equipment increases.
2010 Opened a sales base in Yodoyabashi, Osaka, Japan.
Tokyo sales office moves to Shibuya for business expansion.
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2000 - 2009

2008 DONGGUAN NAXIS PRINTING CO., LTD. is established.
2007 Akihiro Yamanaka is named company president, and Shigeyuki Nakamura is named chairman and CEO.
2006 SHANGHAI NAXIS TRADING CO., LTD. is established.
2005 Starts to offer RFID tag services for apparel industries in Japanese market.
SHANGHAI NAXIS CO., LTD. moves its sales office to Xu Jia Hui for business expansion.
2004 Tokyo sales office moves to Nishi-shinjuku to accommodate the expansion of its showroom.
QINGDAO NAXIS. CO., LTD. is established.
2003 Company names are changed to:
2002 Hong Kong Nakamura Label Co., Ltd. increases productivity by opening factory in Dongguan.
Brand Guard® patent registered in six countries and one city.
NAXIS showrooms keeping research archives, open in Tokyo and Shanghai.
Shanghai Nakamura Label Co., Ltd. starts operation of the second factory for equipment increases.
Shanghai Nakamura Label Co., Ltd. moves its sales office to Huaihai Zhong Road for business expansion.
2001 Thai Nakamura Label Co., Ltd. moves its sales office for business expansion.
2000 Hong Kong Nakamura Label Co., Ltd. moves to Shatin for business expansion.
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1990 - 1999

1999 Shanghai Nakamura Label Co., Ltd. moves its sales base to Rong Huaxi Road, Shui Cheng Nan Road for business expansion.
1997 Patent granted for NAXIS Brand Guard Label in the U.K. (Hong Kong) and the U.S., with utility model registered in Italy.
1995 Shanghai Nakamura Label Co., Ltd. is established to strengthen Brand Security Network corresponding to global work sharing.
Factory opens in Kabinburi, Thailand, with full-capacity operation.
1994 Thai Nakamura Label Co., Ltd. is established as a joint corporate venture with the Saha Group.
Patent applied for NAXIS Brand Guard® label, a forgery-prevention product.
News of this new product brings an “Encouragement Award” from Senken Newspaper and various Japanese textile trade publications.
1993 Corporate name is changed to Nakamura Label Inc., but official name is NAXIS.
Introduces Japan's first Denim Rag Paper, made by recycling denim scraps.
This reflects the company’s philosophy shift to address global concerns about environmental and human rights issues in the apparel manufacturing industry.
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1970 - 1989

1989 Sales bases are established in New York, Hong Kong and Taipei.
POSNAC center, a distribution hub, opens in Maruoka, Fukui, Japan.
1988 Shigeyuki Nakamura is named company president, and Eizo Nakamura is named chairman.
Design collaboration with "Logos", a trade magazine published in Paris reporting on label trends around the world.
1983 Develops an original bar code printing method with the introduction of computer technology.
Completes development of POSNAC SYSTEM, a total information and distribution system for apparel-related accessories and materials.
1979 New headquarter is established at current location (Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan).
Starts presenting one-stop shopping proposals for apparel accessories centered around woven labels.
Develops and presents a distribution system for complete brand packaging.
1973 Japan Printing Industrial Co., Ltd. is established. The company is recognized as an industry pioneer, complying with Japan’s new laws for indicating product care instructions on label.
1970 Sales base opens in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan, a major fashion shopping area for Tokyo teens.
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1897 - 1969

1965 Nakamura Woven Label Co., Ltd. is incorporated and established.
The industry's first production of printed labels begins.
1950 Post-war Japanese society has new demands for textiles for furoshiki (wrapping cloth), towels and hats.
Nakamura Woven Label Seizo-sho resumes operations after the war ended.
1936 Company name is changed to Nakamura Woven Label Seizo-sho.
1907 The company moves shop to Teranouchi Horikawa, Kyoto, Japan and continues business under the name Tsunejiro Nakamura Shoten.
1897 The company begins business in Nishijin, Kyoto as a fabric manufacturer producing traditional kimono sashes (obi) under the name Donsuya Isuke.
They specialize in weaving narrow fabric items used in the manufacturing of Western-style clothing.
Eijiro Nakamura Shoten company is established to meet the increasing demand for woven labels.