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Donsuya Isuke


- Our history begins

NAXIS began at Nishijin in Kyoto, where Nishijin brocade originated, in 1897 with the manufacturing of "obiji," the textile used in kimono belts, under the name of “Donsuya Isuke”.

Nakamura Woven Labels Co., Ltd..


- We begin building our business foundation

Through a company reorganization, we established Nakamura Woven Labels Co., Ltd. and
became an industry pioneer in the manufacturing of printed labels.

Nakamura Woven Labels corporated.



- With the opening of sales locations in Shibuya Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe, we create a foundation for business expansion

NAXIS Brand Supporter


- Taking on new challenges

We opened Hong Kong Nakamura Co., Ltd. and the Fukui Posnack Center (relocated the Fukui plant).

NAXIS Brand Supporter


- Setting our sights on the future of our industry

We changed our name to Nakamura Label and
established “NAXIS” as a corporate brand.

NAXIS Brand Supporter


- Striving for local production and local consumption

We established Thai Nakamura Label and
Shanghai Nakamura Co., Ltd.
Our Kabinburi Factory, located on the outskirts of Bangkok, went into full operation.

NAXIS Brand Supporter


– A new era dawns

We changed our name to NAXIS Corporation.

NAXIS Brand Supporter


– Leading the way into the future of RFID technology

We launched full-fledged RFID tag solutions and comprehensive services for the apparel industry.

NAXIS Brand Supporter


- Striving for local production and local consumption

We established NAXIS Vietnam Co., Ltd, and began full operation of our Ho Chi Minh City office and Dong Nai Factory (within the Amata Industrial Park).

NAXIS Brand Supporter



For Customer Success

We focus on sustainable proposals to help make our customers’ brands sustainable. Our aim is to become a company that can offer not only labels but also total proposals by leveraging the IoT.

NAXIS Brand Supporter



Moving into the global market on our 125th anniversary

NAXIS will continue striving to establish itself as an information transmission infrastructure company and expand into the global market.

For the world. For creation.

With our “sensibilities” and “functions”, the products of our rich creativity and state-of-the-art technologies, we aim to be the information provision professional of choice throughout the world.

NAXIS has been an apparel auxiliary material manufacturer for over 125 years.
We provide solutions that leverage our sensibilities and functions for all apparel-related needs.