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Amazing shopping experience with “N Magic Mirror”× RFID technology

“N Magic Mirror” is the Mirror Signage which is used with RFID tags.

What’s amazing is that

When you bring some clothes to front of the Mirror, it receives datas from IC chips in RFID tags and show other cordinate of them.

The following video is the one which introduce our “N Magic Mirror.”

Please check it out!


a member of NAXIS appeared Japanese TV show, “Nsta”

Our staff was interviewed upon adoption of new care labeling symbols.
He introduced our original ordering system, NRD which make ordering more efficient and reliable.
That program was broadcasted on Nov 2nd.


New manufacturing site in Vietnam starts its operation on Nov 1st

NAXIS HANAMNAXIS has opened a new manufacturing site in Hanam, close to Hanoi in North Vietnam.

This Hanam factory starts its operation on 1st of November manufacturing Brand Tags, Brand Labels and Care Lables, and also it delivers wide range of Apparel parts.

Please find an attached document to see the detail about NAXIS Hanam factory.↓



NRD (Naxis Relational Database), new ordering system service has just started.

NRD is an original ordering system of NAXIS which makes ordering more efficient and reliable.
The NRD is for Printed Labels such as Care Labels, Price Tags and Attention Tags.
(This system is only for Japanese customers so far.)


EcoBizBox will be at the Asian largest exhibision from Sep13

NAXIS and EcoBizEX, a business partner, exhibit EcoBizBox at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2016.

Logis-Tech Tokyo is the biggest logistics exhibition in Asia, and this years’
Thema is “Business Innovation in Logistics -Find Your Best Solution Here in Tokyo- .”
More than 400 companies will exhibit their innovative products and services, so you would find solutions or hint for your business!

To entry, advanced registration is required.
Please check the web site of Logis-Tech below.

Place: Tokyo Big Site     East Hall  <EcoBizBox stall is No.3-206>
Date : 13th Sep. to 16th Sep   10:00-17:00



NAXIS Indonesia was established to strengthen supply in ASEAN area.

NAXIS has established PT.NAXIS LABEL INDONESIA in Purwakarta in Indonesia.
It starts full-scale operation from 1st of September and producing apparel tags,
labels and RFID tags.
Since Japanese apparel industry have been shifting its base of manufacturing from China to ASEAN, NAXIS has been enhancing its capacity of supply in ASEAN in order to respond customer’s requirements more reliably and promptly.

↓Please find an attached document to see the detail about NAXIS indonesia factory.