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The English and Chinese NAXIS web sites have been opened!!

We have opened English and Chinese sites today.
As well as japanese site, we try to deliver fresh news through our web sites!


NAXIS EXHIBITION 2017 is held on 8th and 9th June

Our Exhibition will be held on June 8(Thu) and 9(Fri) at Tokyo office of NAXIS.
This year’s theme is “5 Rings Exhibition” which categorize our solution business to 5 categories.
Please contact us for further information.


Our Returnable Box and RFID Tag were awarded “WorldStar Packaging Awards”

Our returnable box, EcoBiz Box and RFID tag received 2017 WORLDSTAR AWARD by World Packaging Organization as those combination improves efficiency of inspection process.
This competition is the pre-eminent international award in packaging.
Our business partner, SANRITSU CORPORATION was entered in competition and another partner, Stryker Japan, they and we were awarded the accolade.

Please find detail below.


Thank you for visiting RFID Solution Exhibition

RFID Solution Exhibition was held on 21th April and we had lots of customers.
NAXIS present RFID tags and EcoBizBox and we could get favorable attention.
We greatly appreciate your visit!


We renewed our web page!

New NAXIS web site is opened.
We will keep it updated!


RFID Solution Exhibition is held on 20th April

NAXIS supports RFID Solution Exhibition which is held on 20th April.
Thus this exhibition includes RFID seminars, cutting edge products and services, you will get useful information for business efficiency.
We, NAXIS propose combination of RFID tags and EcoBizBox

To enter, registration is needed.
※Registration is closed on 14th April.
※Admission free


NAXIS VIETNAM was introduced by news program of NHK, “INTERNATIONAL NEWS REPORTS 2017”

NAXIS VIETNAM was introduced by news program of NHK, “INTERNATIONAL NEWS REPORTS 2017”

Also it’s broadcasted on “NHK WORLD”


The EcoBizBox awarded “SCM Accolade” !

Our EcoBizBox was choosen as the best product which supported optimum supply chain management, and we received the award by The Japan Supply Chain Management Association.

EcoBizBox is a new returnable box which integrates Economy and Ecology.

Our team aims to propose solutions which make our customers satisfied,
and also keeps trying to improve our products!

↓To the web site of Japan Supply Chain Management Association.


Amazing shopping experience with “N Magic Mirror”× RFID technology

“N Magic Mirror” is the Mirror Signage which is used with RFID tags.

What’s amazing is that

When you bring some clothes to front of the Mirror, it receives datas from IC chips in RFID tags and show other cordinate of them.

The following video is the one which introduce our “N Magic Mirror.”

Please check it out!


a member of NAXIS appeared Japanese TV show, “Nsta”

Our staff was interviewed upon adoption of new care labeling symbols.
He introduced our original ordering system, NRD which make ordering more efficient and reliable.
That program was broadcasted on Nov 2nd.