NAXIS Brand Supporter


Origin of trends and creativity
Exhibition held every year in Shibuya, Tokyo

NAXIS BRAND SUPPORTER EXHIBITION is a stage on which to declare the vision and mission of NAXIS as it aims to change the future of the apparel industry, a place where we present in-development products and new businesses based on the NAXIS concept.

“GO! ON“

“GO ON!” Going beyond, bringing about change, and breaking through stereotypes

Theme for 2021 is “GO ON!”
As lifestyles, working styles, and consumer needs continue to change during the pandemic, we need to make more effort than before to maintain our attitude toward sustainability.
To that end, we prepared various contents and held this year’s exhibition at Shibuya Stream Hall from December 1st to 3rd.

【New Products】
1. Recycle & Biodegradation
2. Mixed Paper
3. De-plasticized Package
4. NiPAO©: Packing material
5. V-pack: Compression bag/Vacuum package
6. RFID Solution: Introduction of handy terminals
7. Joint Exhibition with RF Locus

【New Businesses】
・ Tagcome
・ NAXIS Tag Generator

【Special Seminar】
December 1st (Wed.): “Evolution of RFID Technology and Its Impact on Supply Chain”
Satoshi Uejima, Chief Revenue Officer, Executive Officer, RF Locus
Part 1 “Introduction of the latest RFID technology: New areas of RFID utilization brought about by RFID radio wave analysis”
Part 2 “Digital store/warehouse operation utilizing the latest RFID solution”

December 2nd (Thu.): “Promoting scraping and building in industry by making full use of DX and finance”
Taku Kawai, CEO, Taku Kawai Consulting
Part 1 “The present business environment surrounding the apparel industry, and how to prepare for the future”
Part 2 “Strategy that individual companies can employ”


“NEW 3” Three NEW things that will forge the future

“The theme for 2020 is “NEW 3”
An exhibition held at Shibuya Stream Hall from November 25th to 27th was centered on the following three elements: #NEW NORMAL (NAXIS’ in-development products that fit the era of new normal), #NEW BUSINESS (new business that brings new perspective to the apparel industry), and #NEW NAXIS, in which the new company vision of NAXIS was announced in an address by the company’s president, newly inaugurated in August.

【New Products】
1. The Alternatives to Plastics
2. What is Circular Economy?
3. Choose Better Materials!
4. Use Non-Virgin Materials!
5. Coping With Viruses
6. New Packaging for E-Commerce
7. Happy Reusable Boxes
8. The Work Shop

【New Businesses】
・ NAXIS Tag Generator

【Special Seminar】
2pm on November 25th (Wed.): “New business model and possibility of RFID utilization in digital society”
Tomoaki Kii, Chief Research Officer, Social Impact Partnership Department, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.

4pm on November 25th (Wed.): “Talk session exploring the possibility of AI × Apparel”
Eric Hideyuki Whiteway, Representative Director,CEO, Cogent Labs Inc.

2pm on November 26th (Thu.): “Circular economy and fashion industry”
Kazuyoshi Nakaishi, Executive Director, Circular Economy Japan

4pm on November 26th (Thu.): “Lifestyle in the near future: Learning from Denmark, an advanced digital country”
Kensuke Nakajima, Social Innovation Evangelist, Social Impact Partnership Department, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.