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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy concerns the treatment of personal data. It stipulates NAXIS Group’s fundamental policies, NAXIS Corporations private information treatment and protection under Japanese law. Foreign groups have their own locations, in which we respect and observe the laws that protect our customers personal data.

1. What’s private information?

This is information related to an individual, concerning a persons name and other personal details such as D.O.B. Something that can be used to distinguish a person. (Information that can be used to compare with others and be used to distinguish a person)

2. Acquisition of personal data

At NAXIS Group, individuals data is acquired legitimately and in a just way.

3. Use of personal Information

At NAXIS group, we use personal information for the reasons stated below. If the information is used under a regulation that is not stated, NAXIS will contact the person in question for agreement in advance.
(1) Response or Research data for an enquiry
(2) Access Log Analysis

4. Personal Information safety management

At NAXIS Group, in case of information leakage, corruption or damage all have prevention schemes put into place. To manage protecting personal information we use the best countermeasures.

5. Entrusting people with personal information.

At NAXIS Group, if an Individuals personal information is passed on to a third party, we conduct a strict and fair examination. Those entrusted with this information, have their safety management tested with the necessary and appropriate supervision.

6. Concerning what is supplied to the third party

At NAXIS Group, under Privacy laws, without acceptance of the person in question, the third party can not be supplied with any information.

7. Disclosure and correction of personal information

At NAXIS Group, if those who possess this personal information, receive a request of correction or disclosure concerning personal information, they must by law change it at will of the original owner. If the person in question can not view any information disclosed, NAXIS can not release it.

8. Efforts in reviewing and updating of personal information

At NAXIS Group, Whenever it is deemed necessary information can be updated and policies can be edited. Our modifying policy on our website is displays information with only true validity.

9. Contact us concerning personal information


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