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NRD NAXIS Relational Database

“NRD” apparel auxiliary materials data integration web order system

“NRD” is a web order placement system developed by NAXIS used to order apparel auxiliary materials efficiently and accurately without mistakes. Customers can see what apparel auxiliary materials will look like when printed, and place orders for those materials, merely by entering information into the specified NRD format. Placed order contents can also be linked with printed tags, attention tags, care labels, other labels, and other apparel auxiliary materials, as well as with e-commerce sites. It offers a high level of convenience through data linkage across industry lines.

Information is relayed for accurate and efficient order placement

Finalized product data obtained from fabric and product testing is relayed to everything from tags and care labels to e-commerce sites, ensuring that product information is error-free and indicated efficiently.

NRD NAXIS Relational Database Product testing Data linkage of Kaken testing results with corresponding new JIS care symbols Master data registration Registration of other necessary information such as product numbers Apparel auxiliary material Order placement Importing of Kaken and master data and order placement E-commerce site Linkage Order contents can also be linked to product data on e-commerce sites. *We also offer support for e-commerce construction
NRD NAXIS Relational Database Master data Search results Product information E-commerce site

Minimizing human error

Complicated printed data makes errors and typos more of a potential problem. The more people there working on something, the more likely this problem are to arise. Through the NRD either that choice of the master all in putting the subject matter you can easily and surely order a placement, therefore minimizing human error.

Shorten delivery time

We used to have to do confirm contents through input, to be able to confirm the input layout on the NRD. But now we can save ourselves time meeting deadlines.

No need for in-house system development

As placing orders on materials and accessories has been developed it has always been difficult dealing with high costs and a number of formalities. By utilizing the NRD you don't even have to set up the system at your company, and you can immediately use and place orders. Also, order data history can be managed in ways that it can be recalled at any time. Using this data, we can reorder materials without any fuss.

NRD NAXIS Relational Database Master data Search results Product information E-commerce site

You can order when and where you need it

iNAP (Implant NAxis Platform) increases the production efficiency of apparel auxiliary materials by connecting information using the Internet to on-site production.

It makes it possible to obtain customer's order data via the Internet, reflect only the necessary information for each material, and carry out production.