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Basic Security Policy

NAXIS Corporation (hereinafter “the Company”) implements Company-wide information security measures based on the following policy in order to protect the Company’s information assets from accidents, disasters, crime, and other threats, and to live up to the trust vested in the Company by its customers and by society.

1.Management responsibility

The Company strives to improve and enhance its information security systematically and continuously under the direction of its management.

2.Internal systems

The Company has created an organization whose aims are the maintenance and improvement of information security, and has stipulated information security measures as formal internal regulations.

3.Employee initiatives

The Company’s employees acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for information security and ensure that information security measures are consistent and effective.

4.Compliance with legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements

The Company complies with all information security-related laws, regulations, restrictions, codes, and contracts, and lives up to the expectations of its customers.

5.Handling of violations and accidents

The Company strives to appropriately deal with information security-related legal, regulatory, and contractual violations and accidents, and to implement reoccurrence prevention measures.

Effective as of March 27, 2020

NAXIS Corporation

Chairman, President & CEO Shigeyuki Nakamura